Our Clinicians & Staff

Meredith Bailey APRN

Meredith Bailey APRN (she/her) provides medication management and psychotherapy to clients age 18+. Meredith identifies as a Queer provider and proudly founded Serenity Wellness in order to provide a safe space for the LGTBQ community.

Meredith started as a registered nurse in CT Children’s Medical Center emergency department in 2007. From there she obtained her masters in psychiatric nursing and working inpatient at Yale Psychiatric Hospital starting in 2013. By 2016 her practice was fully outpatient and she opened Serenity in 2017.

Meredith is direct in her approach, and works well with clients who are invested in moving toward wellness. For medication management Meredith treats a variety of patients and illnesses including perinatal, postpartum diagnosis and treatment, and women struggling with infertility. She also treats bipolar I and II, Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders, and OCD with intrusive thoughts or ruminations. The majority of her caseload are Queer identifying individuals many with gender dysphoria which may or may not be a contributing factor to their mood.

Meredith has a limited caseload of couples and individuals whom she in psychotherapy. Her clients include individuals struggling with gender identity and/or going through life transitions such as divorce or new parents. Due to the high degree of family disownment and religious trauma within the Queer community Meredith treats many who were former Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, and other orthodox religions that disown people when they come out.

Many of the clients at Serenity and on Meredith’s caseload have formal PTSD diagnoses or a history of traumatic events such as abuse or sexual assault. Meredith has specialized training in trauma having trained at the PTSD Center in New Haven. She also has completed Level 1 & 2 of the Gottman Method. Meredith has been in nursing now for over fifteen years and proudly says to employees and clients that she still loves her work.

Alana Pomarico APRN

Alana Pomarico (she/her) is dually certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Alana attended the University of New Hampshire for her undergraduate degree. She graduated from Yale University with a Masters in Nursing in 2012 with her RN and APRN. Alana completed her post-masters in psychiatric mental health nursing at University of New Hampshire in December 2021. She worked at Natchaug Hospital on the inpatient psychiatric adolescent unit before moving into an advanced practice role on Yale’s adult psychiatric inpatient unit from 2013-2017.

Alana has specialties in treating anxiety, depression, mood disorders, including post-partum and perinatal mood disorders. She also has a passion for treating the LGBTQ community. Alana cares about each of her patients and always collaborates with patient’s other treatment providers such as psychotherapists and primary care doctors.

Katherine McBurney LCSW

Kate McBurney (she/her) brings a wealth of clinical experience and knowledge to Serenity Wellness. She has her LCSW and has worked in settings with high conflict families as well as at risk youth. She enjoys treating teenagers and young adults and has clinical training and experience with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and self harm. Kate’s approach is warm but also direct as she helps clients on their journeys in therapy. Prior to joining Serenity Kate treated the LGBTQ community within her agency work. And since joining has maintained at least half her caseload as LGBTQ clients.

Kate has experience with gender work specifically, and is sex positive and kink competent. All the providers at Serenity are committed to providing the Queer community with a safe space! Kate approaches treatment often with a CBT base and can be very intervention focused or take a narrative approach. Kate is able to tailor her therapy to what each client as an individual needs and responds best with.

Barbara Dinoia APRN

Barbara Dinoia (she/her) brings with her over two decades of experience in nursing. She started as a nurse working inpatient with pediatric and adult patients. As a psychiatric APRN she has worked in different settings inpatient and outpatient settings; most recently at Yale New Haven Intensive Outpatient Program. Barbara attended the University of Rhode Island for her Bachelors in Nursing and received her Masters in Nursing at St. Joseph College. Barbara shares Serenity Wellness’ passion to bringing equitable and inclusive care to the Queer community. She also believes in a holistic approach encouraging clients to be engaged in individual therapy in addition to medication management.

Barbara has experience treating mood disorders, substance abuse/dependence, anxiety, ADHD, postpartum illness, PTSD, and psychosis. Barbara enjoys treating all ages and has the most experience with young adults.

Jess Adelman APRN

Jess Adelman (she/they) is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who offers medication management and supportive psychotherapy to clients ages 18+. She has a Masters of Science in nursing from Yale University and has special interests in complex trauma, fostering neurodiversity, and serving the LGBTQ+ community. Jess values authenticity, creativity, respect, and compassion in her practice and especially enjoys working with and supporting all those who identify as “misfits”.

Jesse Toth LPC

Jesse (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Drama Therapist. She is also certified as an EMDR therapist. Jesse has worked extensively in the mental health field in dual diagnosis at Turnbridge and had training and work experience at the PTSD Center in New Haven. Jesse received her BFA in Theatre Performance at the University of North Dakota, and her MA in Counseling Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies. Jesse incorporates mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy in her dynamic approach to individual and couples psychotherapy.

Samson LMSW

Samson Saville (he/they) is an LMSW with a diverse background in the mental health field. He is a trans and queer provider dedicating to providing and advocating for safe and competent care for LGBTQIA individuals. Sam attended Eastern Washington University for his undergraduate for his undergraduate degree in psychology. HE received his Masters of Social work from Smith College. Sam has experience working with clients with mood disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and PTSD. He offers a warm, non-judgmental space to allow clients to be their authentic self. He has a strengths-based approach and incorporates mindfulness into sessions.

Sara Stevenson LCSW

Sara is an LCSW with over 15 years experience in the mental health field. Sara attended Southern Connecticut State University for her undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Recreation and University of New England for her Masters in Social Work. Sara has experience with all ages and diverse populations including those who are undocumented and struggling with related issues.

She also has experience treating the LGBTQ population across various settings. Sara enjoys working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and mood disorders and takes an eclectic approach with special interest in DBT and CBT therapies. Sara prioritizes creating a calm and safe environment for her patients. Sara enjoys working with new parents and patients experiencing life transitions such as marriage, divorce, moving, etc. Sara’s calm demeanor puts clients at ease.

Sylvia Stevens LCSW

Sylvia Stevens LCSW (she/her) attended Eastern CT University for her bachelors in Sociology and she attended University of CT for her Masters in Social Work. Sylvia has experience working with diverse populations across the lifespan. Sylvia’s approach to treatment includes building safe and trusting relationships with clients as a foundation in their healing journey. She enjoys working with clients with a history of trauma, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

Sylvia utilizes CBT in sessions as well as DBT in addressing emotional dysregulation. Sylvia believes in helping clients finding their voice and empowering them to drive their treatment and therapy experience.

Andrea Ruggiero Office Manager

Andrea Ruggiero (she/her) is the Office manager for Serenity Wellness. You will interact with her to schedule appointments, for billing matters, and anything else that comes up during your treatment with our practice. Andrea has a bachelor of science from Bentley Unversity in business communications. She does freelance work for individuals and businesses in graphic design, marketing, and advertising.

Christine Thomzyck (She/her) also works in the billing office and is a point of contact for billing matters and insurance eligibility.

Heidi Almeida (she/her)- works part time as an administrative assistant covering the phone and taking care of scheduling issues.