Private Practice and Business Start-Up Support

Jennifer Barba LCSW is the successful owner of CT Healing Center in Hamden, CT which is a thriving group practice. She also owns Keystone Sober Home and runs a Foundation in honor of her late brother. She offers a wealth of knowledge about starting up, growing, and maintaining a successful and profitable business.

Meredith Bailey APRN opened Serenity Wellness with the support of Jennifer, who is a partner in the practice, in 2017. It is also a successful and growing practice now with four providers and over four hundred clients. Meredith does the insurance credentialing, bookkeeping, and billing for Serenity Wellness LLP.

Between the two of us we are excited to offer coaching and support to individuals looking to start and/or grow their private practice. We can do this remotely or in person. We are offering coaching sessions to help you find where your weaknesses and strengths are in owning a business but also can guide you through the process of actually starting up your practice.

Practice Start-Up Services

Credentialing- CAQH, commercial insurance plans, and CT Medicaid starting at 100$-200$ depending on the panel as each have different levels of complexity

Coaching Sessions- One hour each with Jennifer or Meredith depending on what you are looking to get out the session. One hour starts at 150.00$. We can cover a wide array of topics from rental/lease contracts, payroll companies pro’s/con’s, EHR selection, medical billing basic information, etc.

Medical Billing Coaching- Meredith will provide medical billing coaching for any one who wants to tackle medical billing on their own. CT Healing Center and Serenity Wellness LLP take multiple commercial plans and CT Medicaid/Husky. All billing is done “in-house” in both practices and we are both meticulous in making sure our claims are cleanly submitted and ultimately paid. These sessions are offered by the hour starting at 150$ per hour.

From generalized tips from seasoned business owners and practitioners to more in depth training and support we offer a wide array of help to clinicians looking to embark on their own private practice journey. Contact us today to inquire further about these services.