Practice Policies

The following are all listed in our consent forms that must be signed in order to be a patient at our practice:

Recording Sessions

Per the law of the state of CT which you can find explained in more detail here it is illegal to record a video call or telephone call without consent from BOTH parties on the call or video appointment. This means if you want to record a session with your healthcare provider at Serenity Wellness you need the overt verbal and written consent from your healthcare provider. If we find that you are illegally recording any sessions provided by a Serenity Wellness clinician by not gaining clinician consent then you will be immediately discharged and we would have the right to pursue criminal charges if we deemed it appropriate. Please note this is a Class D Felony in our state. We take your privacy seriously; we expect ours to be taken seriously as well.

Appointment Compliance

While we understand that life happens we also have a waitlist of patients waiting for appointments. Therefore we do have missed appointment/no-show fees and policies. If you no-show twice in a six month period we discharge you from our practice with a thirty day supply of medication. If you no-show and have a commercial insurance plan or are private pay we do charge a 90.00$ fee.

If you no-show there is not a guarantee that we will fill your medication. You need to call and reschedule and discuss the plan going forward with us. If you no-show two appointments within six months you will be discharged from the practice.

If you miss your scheduled intake with our practice we do not reschedule under any circumstances.

Our providers make every effort to reach patients for appointments. We send six reminders- three via e-mail and three via text message. We also send the link for the appointment for all virtual visits. We call and/or email patients if they do not show for their scheduled appointment. We make treatment our priority and we ask our patients to do the same.

We offer payment plans with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options.

We will not proceed with a scheduled appointment if a patient is carrying a balance of over 100.00$ and has not made a payment toward it or does not have a payment plan in place.

Scheduling the Intake

If you are 18 years of age or older- you have to call the practice yourself. Your parent/guardian/partner cannot make an appointment for you. We require the client to call and speak to us directly. If you are a parent of a young adult- please do not call for them. If you are a therapist of a client who you wish to refer to our practice- please have the client call us to schedule. We are happy to collaborate after we speak to and schedule the client directly.

College students- if you are attending school in the state of Connecticut and your home base is in the state of CT we are happy to provide you with services. If you are a resident of CT and attend college out of state- we will not initiate services for medication management during Winter break, or within the month of August. We will only initiate services early in your Summer break as it takes time to stabilize symptoms and can take a few tries to find the correct medication for symptoms. We also will only initiate services with the understanding that you will find a treatment provider to treat you when you are out of state. CT licenses and the practice malpractice will only allow us to treat clients physically located in CT for the time of appointments.

We treat a diverse population of patients including many marginalized populations. While in our office and being treated at our practice we ask for acceptance and manners. Phone etiquette is appreciated by our office administrator and clinicians as well as manners in written communication. Please/thank-you and general respect helps us all choose kindness.

Transphobia/racism/homophobia/anti-semitism and any form of discrimination or hate has no home here.

Emotional Support Animals

Serenity Wellness does not provide Emotional Support Animal letters. Our practice has a blanket policy that under no circumstances will we be able to provide ESA letters. We are all pet owners and love our animals, but we do not have any further education or training in assessment of animals as ESA.