We are open to referrals for new patients at this time. 

We are a private practice located in Branford & Middletown CT founded in 2017. Meredith Bailey felt strongly that the Queer community needed a safe space dedicated to providing competent and accepting care regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnicity. Over the years the practice and the vision has grown into not only a space for the Queer community but for a group of mental health providers dedicated to providing safe, competent, and inclusive care to many different areas of specialty including postpartum, perinatal, autism and neuro-divergent care.

Meredith’s passion continues to be in treating and advocating for the Queer community as a Queer provider she has firsthand experience with discrimination. She is proud of the growth of her business and the “dream team” of clinicians she has on board.

Not only is Serenity committed to it’s clients but also to our employees. We recognize the toll the pandemic has taken on mental health providers and we strive to be a supportive and inclusive work environment for minorities, parents, and any “misfit” who has been told by corporation and agency employers that they are not enough. 

To any one reading this who needs immediate assistance: you are not alone. Please call a number below or 211 for mobile crisis if you are located in CT. Call 988 for suicide hotline. 

TransLifeLine- 1-877-565-8860

http://www.thetrevorproject.org provides 24/7 chat/text/lifeline crisis counseling targeting LGBTQ+ youth ages 16-24, but is open to all ages to utilize.

Pets of Serenity Wellness have made many telehealth appearances since March 2020, so we offer them space on our website to honor all the healing they have brought us as their owners and to our patients even remotely!

Meredith & her rescue dog Cheetah
Jesse & Shey & Cooper
Jess and Maddie
Meredith’s rescue cats- Scooby and Ginsburg

Emily Hotz with her cat and dog